Map Dowsing


One of the strangest things about dowsing is being able to work off of a map. This may stretch credulity a bit far but it can be done if certain procedures are put in place. I can’t say it works every time but in my experience, and I have proof, it can be very effective.


The following is an extract from a relative of mine.

‘To recap, XXXX and I told you we were going on holiday to New England. we planned to travel around for 11 or 12 days, having three bases there. You said you would like to try out your map dowsing skills and so we agreed beforehand on a date for our experiment. We did not mention our itinerary and you said you would try and dowse for us on the date agreed to see if you could find where we were.

'On our return I called you and asked where you thought we were on the prearranged date. To my amazement, you told me the place you kept coming back to was Hyannis in Cape Cod and you were absolutely correct. We had spent the first four nights in Vermont, then moved down to Cape Cod, finally going for a couple of nights to Rhode island. We had not given you any information of our intended plans and as New England is such a diverse area, it is inconceivable to think you could possibly have guessed with such accuracy ‘.


There is a book by Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer Ph.D . called ‘EXTRAORDINARY KNOWING’ which should interest some of you, ISBN 978-0-553-38223-5


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