Case Studies


Case Study 1

A Client felt there was an old well on his property.

Dowsing the site which had just been built on,you can see in the top picture a metal pipe that had been put into the ground to mark where  the well site seemed to have been.The hole was dug out of pure clay which had 'slipped' over the centuries on a sloping site. After two days,the hole filled with water and despite hot weather maintained a constant level.well

No sign of the old well was visible,many are robbed out.With a consistent level maintained,the client  had 'o' rings set into the sides and a well feature was created.

According to the Public Health laboratory, the water was fine for watering the garden and washing the car.

You can see how close the builders came to building over the spot, in fact, some new houses are built with a well somewhere underneath the building footprint.Not alway a good thing! Have you got an old well 'hidden away somewhere?